How to choose a good CDN?

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​1. The service provided by CDN is stable and fast. We use CDN. We hope it can provide a better user experience for customers who visit our website. Therefore, it is very important for CDN to be stable and fast. Choosing a stable and fast CDN service depends not only on the number of nodes and node distribution area of ​​the service provider, but also on the distributed system architecture of the service provider, whether the bandwidth and storage resources are sufficient, and the response time level and hit.

  1. The cost of CDN services is not the key, but the key is to save money on the premise of ensuring quality. To choose a CDN service provider with good service quality, of course the cost must be considered. You should choose a provider that can provide flexible billing services. It is best to support flexible resource expansion. Now large-scale CDN service providers tend to charge according to the actual usage of users, which can not only achieve cross-operator and entire regional networks cover.
  2. It is not only fast, but also safe. A good CDN service is not only fast but also safe. It is best to provide comprehensive network monitoring functions, and CDN services are best to provide CC attacks and anti-leech functions. The HTTPS encrypted access provided by the CDN can be effective. Preventing resource hijacking can make the transmission of information sent and received between the client and the server more secure. Therefore, when choosing a CDN service, it is fast and safe.
  3. The CDN service is easy to use. For everyone, the CDN acceleration process of the website should naturally be as simple as possible. After all, I don’t want to spend a lot of energy here.

In short, choosing a CDN requires not only good performance, low cost, but also safety and ease of use.


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