Need to buy a cost-effective China VPS?

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In China, the VPS was expensive before, but now it’s very low price, some VPS provider sell the plan it’s including 1 Core and 1GB RAM and KVM virtualization less than 20$ for one year. Maybe you can buy one and try it.

For a non-Chinese person, there are two difficulties in buying a China VPS. The first is the issue of identity authentication, and the second is the issue of payment. All users need identity authentication before order any host plan, Fortunately, many hosting providers can accept the identity authentication of international users, Even if the page does not have an authentication window for international users, most of them can still be completed by manual authentication. Regarding the issue of payment, most China hosting providers can only accept WeChat Pay and Alipay, International users cannot directly use credit cards to pay. So I suggest user register for an international version of Alipay, which can solve the payment problem.

It is worth noting that the use of China VPS has very strict restrictions on content. Infringement of copyright, pornography, violence, politics, and content involving business operations are not permitted, the content of the personal website must not contain interactive content, if you need build one website with information communication, and it needs to be filed with the MIIT-China.


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