Chinese mystery, Huang Yanqiu incident: “Who is flying carry me back?”

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Huang Yanqiu left three times, and there are evidences that can be checked every time, which is basically consistent with his oral statement.

The Huang Yanqiu incident is not only known as “one of the three outstanding UFO cases in China”, it is also listed as “one of the top 15 real and supernatural incidents in China”. It is equally famous as Pisces Jade Pei, Yellow River Coffin, Chengdu Zombie…

Flying has always been the dream of mankind.

Although, inspired by this dream, mankind created airplanes and spaceships.

However, to this day, apart from relying on machines and fuel power, humans have yet to truly realize the dream of flying in the sky by the flesh.

More often, with regard to flying, we can only outline the archetype of our own fantasy through ancient myths and legends and modern science fiction stories.

For forty years, Chinese people have been inconclusive on the judgement of Huang Yanqiu’s case.

Is he a modern myth or another mystery? What kind of practical significance does it have?

After all, the Huang Yanqiu incident has not been an isolated case in the past 40 years. It has existed in the world with it, including the Meng Zhaoguo incident in 1994 and the Cao Gong incident in 1999.

Huang Yanqiu, male, born in 1950. He lives in Northeast Gao Village, Jiudian Township, Feixiang District, Handan City, Hebei Province. Farmers. From July 27, 1977 to September 28, 1977, he traveled with aliens three times in two months.

Let us follow Huang Yanqiu’s own narration and return to July 27, 1977.

It was the twelfth day of the lunar calendar. Huang Yanqiu, a young farmer in Northeast Gaocun Village, suddenly disappeared after sleeping that night. The villagers looked around, but there was no news for 10 days.

After the news reached Xinzhai Village, 3 kilometers north of the village, an outdated urgent telegram was transmitted to the village committee of Beigao Village.

The message read: “Huang Yanqiu of Xinzhai Village was admitted to the Deportation Station on Mengzi Road in Shanghai.”

The time of reporting from the Shanghai Deportation Station was marked as “July 28”, which is the day after Huang Yanqiu’s disappearance, only 10 hours after his disappearance.

Northeast Gaocun is 1140 kilometers away from Shanghai. It is necessary to take a bus to Handan, which is 45 kilometers away, and then take a 22-hour train to arrive.

Huang Yanqiu, who was taken back to his hometown, said that on the evening of July 27, the weather was sultry and hot. He was awakened by the noise not long after he lay down at about 22:00. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked to find that he was actually in high-rise buildings. The streets of Nanjing flashing with rainbows.

Two “traffic police” people appeared in front of him, handed him a train ticket from Nanjing to Shanghai and sent him to the platform, saying that they would arrive later.

After 4 hours, Huang Yanqiu arrived in Shanghai.

He found the station police station and found that two “traffic police” were waiting for him at the door, and they sent him to the deportation station.

The villagers did not approve of Huang Yanqiu’s remarks, and secretly discussed them.

More than a month later, on the evening of September 8th, the 25th day of the seventh lunar month, the village committee held a “mass meeting for mass production” in the southern courtyard of Huang Yanqiu’s home.

Halfway through the conference, the team leader assigned Huang Yanqiu and other young people to go to bed early, so as not to delay the work of delivering manure to the ground in the morning.

Who thought, Huang Yanqiu disappeared again that night.

As he was leaving home, a line of words engraved with a sickle appeared suddenly on the south wall of the house 1.5 meters high: “Gao Dengmin, Gao Yanjin, Shandong Province, don’t worry.”

So far, it has not been found who engraved.

This time, Huang Yanqiu came to Shanghai again and returned to his hometown on September 11 with the help of a fellow named Lu Haishan.

Huang Yanqiu’s departure from home again triggered a new round of speculation among the villagers. Among them, being haunted by a kid was the most widespread and evil one.

Regarding how he would appear in Shanghai for the second time, Huang Yanqiu said that after 22 o’clock that night, because he was worried about the delivery of manure the next day, he slept directly in the yard.

But when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was already lying in the North Station Square of Shanghai Railway Station.

It was late at night, and the square in front of the station was sparsely visible. Huang Yanqiu was frightened standing in front of the huge clock, looking at the hour hand pointing to more than one o’clock midnight.

Just when he was in shock, suddenly there was a violent gust of wind, lightning and thunder, and the torrential rain… Huang Yanqiu couldn’t help but burst into tears.

He remembered that Lu Haisheng, a fellow of the People’s Liberation Army who had helped him last time, was the only acquaintance in this vast city, even though he was just an acquaintance.

He only remembered that Lu Haisheng’s unit was about 40 kilometers away from the railway station. How to go and which direction to go, just…

“Excuse me, you are Huang Yanqiu from Feixiang District, are you going to the barracks?” At this moment, two young men dressed as officers approached Huang Yanqiu and said that he was entrusted by the chief to wait here and take him to the army. .

Huang Yanqiu, an unfamiliar person, crossed the Huangpu River with the two of them. One of them gave him 4 cents to buy a ticket.

They changed to several public buses and finally arrived at the outskirts of the barracks.

Huang Yanqiu later said that it was very abnormal. No matter the door or the barracks, the soldiers turned a blind eye to the existence of the three men.

After turning two turns, they stepped into an office in the division department.

Several officers present were surprised at the sudden appearance of Huang Yanqiu: “Why are you here again? How did you come in?”

“They sent me here.” When he turned to introduce them, the two of them suddenly disappeared, and they were nowhere to be found.

The comrades in the army went to the gate and asked about the situation. The gate and the communication room said that they had not seen any outsiders.

Did he fall from the sky? Does he know how to stealth?

In the early morning of the next day, the troops sent a telegram to the village to inquire about Huang Yanqiu’s identity.

The village committee immediately replied: Huang Yanqiu is not a bad person.

On September 11, Huang Yanqiu returned to his hometown.

Just when Huang Yanqiu was in shock, and less than 10 days after returning home, on September 20, at 22:00 on the eighth day of the eighth lunar month, he encountered a mysterious incident again.

That night, as soon as he entered the yard, he felt dizzy and immediately lost consciousness.

When he woke up, Huang Yanqiu found himself lying in a hotel with two young men sitting beside them, claiming to be from Shandong. This is Lanzhou, which is 1,000 kilometers away from Feixiang District.

They told Huang Yanqiu that the Nanjing “traffic policeman” and the soldiers who sent him to the army were both dressed as the two of them, and they had arranged for the two disappearances before.

This time I took Huang Yanqiu out and planned to visit 9 major cities in 9 days.

After dinner, the two took Huang Yanqiu on their backs and drove to Beijing, from Gansu to Ningxia, to Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei, and to Beijing. The three of them took only one hour to get there for a distance of 1,200 kilometers along the way.

In Beijing, Huang Yanqiu went straight to the Chang’an Theater to watch “Forcing Up to Liangshan” without buying a ticket, but the ticket inspector did not respond.

After leaving the field, the three of them flew to Tiananmen Square and landed in front of a decorative frame. The flying man gave a brief introduction to the surrounding scenery of the square. About 10 minutes later, the three flew out of the square.

Walk into a hotel and use the “provincial letter of introduction” to register the room.

After that, the three of them flew to Tianjin and entered the movie “Bitter Cauliflower” without a ticket.

In Harbin, the three visited a department store, went to Changchun in the evening, and arrived in Shenyang the next day.

On September 25, the eighth month of the lunar calendar, shortly after arriving in Fuzhou, he flew to Nanjing.

September 27th is the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. It is the Mid-Autumn Festival. The three arrived in Xi’an.

Under the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the Da Ci’en Temple in the south of the city, the flying man told Huang Yanqiu: “The tower is more than 60 meters high and was built by the monk Tang to store the scriptures.”

Afterwards, the three returned to Lanzhou.

On September 28, when he fell asleep, he was sent back to his yard by a pilot.

Seeing this, many people will definitely ask, is it true that Huang Yanqiu was hijacked to fly by a mysterious alien? Why does it sound so overwhelming?

So far, the Huang Yanqiu incident has not ended.

On December 14, 2002, Zhang Jingping, investigator of the Beijing branch of the Chinese UFO Association, and Ji Jianmin, chairman of the UFO Association of Feixiang District, Handan City, came to the Navy 302 Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army together to conduct a hypnotic investigation on Huang Yanqiu.

During the hypnosis, Dr. Wu and Zhang Jingping told Huang Yanqiu that there was nothing untrue except for the clearer and clearer details.

In 2014, the researchers and Huang Yanqiu came to the PLA Navy 302 Hospital to hypnotize Huang Yanqiu for the last time.

This time, Huang Yanqiu was suddenly awakened by Gao Dengmin, who was flying with him 25 years ago, and woke up halfway.

Huang Yanqiu said that he took turns climbing on the backs of the two of them during the flight. The backs had the body temperature of ordinary people; the height of flying off the ground was roughly one foot high, so-called one foot, about three meters high, and it was also higher than the building. “Zhang Xu”, without moving his limbs and without stopping on the way.

Although the distances vary from city to city, they all arrive in one hour.

The pilot knows a lot of the local dialect, and the letter of introduction presented when he stays is also very comprehensive.

Whenever they arrived, one of them looked after him, and the other went to some place to retrieve three sets of military uniforms and put them on, then took them off and sent them back.

The two did not bring their handbags or any utensils.

Anything that can be kept as a souvenir is not allowed, and photography is refused.

Three meals a day, daily life and eating are the same as ordinary people. Sometimes, not consuming, like being in no one’s land.

So, who are these two mysterious people, Gao Yanjin and Gao Dengmin?

Later, many researchers conducted verification, but the final result was that Gao Yanjin and Gao Dengmin could not be found, and there was no information to prove their existence.

Is Huang Yanqiu lying?

But if it is a lie, how can he explain that he can run so far in a short time.

Researchers have conducted long-term investigation and verification of Huang Yanqiu’s experience.

After investigation, he was missing for the first time with a telegram to testify, the second missing was backed up by a detailed investigation by the troops of the Handan City Prefectural Committee. For the third time, only the weather can be used as a reference. According to the analysis of the National Meteorological Observatory, the time of the incident Inside, the weather conditions in the nine major cities he passed through were mostly sunny or cloudy, and the weather in Fuzhou was cloudy, which basically accorded with his oral statement.


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